Transition Skills Training Program

Offered in Partnership with the Ministry of Social Services.

The objective of the Transition Skills Training Program is to assist youth to improve life skills which will better prepare them for successful independence in the community. TST is for youth ages 12-15 and 15-19. The focus of TST is to help youth learn skills that will assist them in their transition to independence and enable them to make positive decisions in this pivotal and critical period of their lives.

  • Surviving Day to Day - Module I
  • Self Reflection - Module II 
  • Building Healthy Communities - Module III
  • Being Part of Society - Module IV

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Transition skills training program

" I will tape this information to my bedroom wall. Every time I want to quit school, I will read this budget, and how much it will cost me to live. I know I do not want to be homeless or be on Social Services. I want to go to College and this will be my reminder. I have learnt a lot."

- Testimonial